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Listed below are some of the more popular items available from The Freedonia Gazette. Because this is a hobby, not a business, allow 8 weeks or more for delivery. All prices include postage within North America; overseas postage is extra. On-line ordering is not yet available, and we don’t accept credit cards.
Make checks or money orders payable to Paul Wesolowski.
To order, print this page and mail it to:

The Freedonia Gazette

335 Fieldstone Drive

New Hope PA 18938-1012



Groucho, A Life in Revue . . . 1994
CD of the official cast album $18

Love, Groucho . . . 1999
CD read by Frank Ferrante and Miriam Allen  $20


Groucho $4

Harpo $4

Chico $4

Margaret Dumont $4

Zeppo $4


Original Groucho Rubber Duckie (1997) $15 each or 2 for $25

New and Improved Y2K-Compliant Groucho Rubber Duckie $15 each or 2 for $25


Groucho . . . (2” X 2 ½”) by Dewey Inkum and Howe $8

Harpo . . . (2” X 2 ½”) by Dewey Inkum and Howe $8


Our complete catalogue is too much to e-mail, but can be sent via first class mail
if you provide a suitable address.
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